graphic novel

Developing and exploring style.

Here's the beginning of a process. An image exploring one hospital rendering style for the graphic novel. It's something I need to explore in order to complete the central chapter I'm working on presently. The context is a mixture of Alison's POV and mine. I now envision it as the end of the chapter as a double-page spread. I can't proceed any further with other chapters until I've locked it down. Pun intended. Other chapters will hopefully go much faster as I will utilise simple drawing  key thumbnails and  key titles, or phrases. Like I've mentioned this central chapter and its workflows, its style and so on are thus taking much longer as it needs to feel right. At least for now. In an iterative drawing and writing workflow, there's every chance I'll be back making adjustments as other chapters find their nature. I'll update this and other blog posts as time goes on, so keep checking in if you're interested.