Time travel

Working on a rough layout image of my grafic novel. I reversed it to get a fresh eye, and suddenly was confronted by my childhood home. Complete with dark  mysterious corners and mood. Time travelling again.

scifi death graphic novel

Insitu the panel image, within the page rough. At time of posting I'm happy with it...for now. The resolution isn't great here on my website. You'll have to wait until I've made it aproduct page. It gives Alison's POV of my death 7 years ago, and is as good a place to start as any. Time to get on with some actual work! BTW reality has jumped me again. My coma was full of warnings of upcoming in five to seven years, a deluge of major Global Social Upheaval. I guess a pandemic level type event which will be used as cover for dystopian laws and psyops of various kinds