Whose story is this?

The Graphic Novel, continues with layout of thumbnail images. Dealing with all the various parameters, too numerous to mention here right now, except to say; a question arises. Whose story is this? I know it's mine but I've chosen to start with my wife Alison's POV. Because I'm a coward and because it seems everyone around me now knows so much. It feels like I'm a quantum entity, neither here, but also very much here. I just need to be perceived. In story terms, How do I introduce the authorial, my, voice? I imagine it will happen organically with much synchronicity, just like everything else in my life so far. This image is page 3, or 4 of a chapter that seems to be running somewhere with a rhythm I'm unsure of and content that still needs me to design lighting, camera views, character setups that don't stray from the truth, yet remain engaging and maintain the momentum. I'm going to have to ask for peoples opinions. Then ignore them. Just like a close friend of mine who is a playwright... You know who you are. Maybe. I'm going to have to hand letter this thing eventually or at least use my lettering to construct a typeface. Yeah job number 3001. It's all much more frightening than acting, and more exciting. Yes I need an assisstant. but who? Everyone would fail the interview except me. Salut.


I'm aware as I continue to plan and design, how much I can leave to chance. Right now not much, hence the need to actually do some character design. The first active go at this is here. My sister. At some point I'll have to do more from various poses and angles, as I treat the layout phase much like a photoshoot for a film. Although sequential art images, ie comics is VERY different in important respects. I'm also mindfull that it's been almost a year since I posted that I've started the Graphic Novel process in earnest on Instagram. The accompanying image was a human head plugged into a machine interface.  I'm involved in creating a core chapter, in which my sisters image will also be used. She was instrumental in aiding my return, and I told her and certain close friends to expect seismic shifts in world events in about 5 to 7 years time. I wish I'd been braver and made that public much sooner. Ah well it's another example of the Quantum aspect of reality, if you know what I mean...? Look up the double slit experiment for starters. I've got work to do, before this paradigm shift we're in makes everything I'm writing obsolete.

graphic novel

So here's the rough layout of the page my sister first appears in. I don't want to reveal too much yet, and I'm still in the early stages of work. Much will change in due course as I edit what I produce and rethink what aspects demand more focus, colour palettes etc etc.